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Fast and Efficient SMS Shortcode

SMS short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, just like a phone number, but shorter and easier to remember. SMS short codes are used to receive and send out text messages to consumers and are issued by the shortcode provider. Shortcodes are leased on a yearly basis by companies or SMS service providers and big brands are making a killing and with our Setup you too can make huge returns

An Awesome Service with Maximum Returns

Supreme Shortcode Delivers a Professional and Easy Way To Profit Consistently From The 150 Million Mobile Phone Users in Nigeria…

Get Your Own 4, 5 or 6 Digits Shortcode Numbers From Us like: 5647, 35741.
Setup Your Campaigns that Customers can text back to
Recievers Text back to your Unique Shortcode Number Netting ₦50 per Text.
You Smile to the Bank and Cash Out Your Revenue. Result Oriented

“Finally… A Professional and EASY Way To PROFIT From GSM Shortcodes…”

  • No Monthly Access Fees
  • Set Up Between 3-5 days
  • Revenue Paid Straight To Your Account.

Dear Friend,

For the past 4 years, We’ve been helping people like you attract MASSIVE financial success in their lives through this shortcode business.
And we can help you do the same. The key is for you to be ready. (And it looks like you are.)
Just the fact you’re reading this short letter tells me you want to attract more money into your life through this business opportunity the mobile trend has presented to you.
So congratulations for taking inspired action. We advice you keep aside every other thing to avoid distraction and pay maximum attention to every single line of this letter.It is better you are informed and consciously refuse to act on an opportunity than missing out completely.
To be right upfront – We’re a living proof that you can earn as much as you desire from the mobile marketing industry ranging from BulkSMS, Voice Broadcasting to Shortcode which you are about to discover it’s earning potential today. In fact, you’ll be surprised at just what you can accomplish
IF you just take that first step forward — just like we did and today we are Nigeria No.1 shortcode provider.
And I want to help you do just that — starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. I mean STARTING TODAY!

Let me explain…

If you have ever received a text message from different short numbers asking you reply to get something, and you simply deleted it, I want you to do something very important.
Stop Deleting those messages! Why do I say that? It’s actually simple.
Letting them fill up your inbox will always remind you that right inside your phone is a system for generating on-going daily income, a system so good, it is probably, the best benefit ever derived with the introduction of GSM service in Nigeria.
Because you can actually ‘copy’ the companies sending you those text messages, do the same thing they are doing and rake in loads of money fast.
And you can do this, using a simple solution I will reveal to you… shortly
As I write this, a message alert came through on my phone.

Here's what the Message Says:

Genesis Ticket to London still Up for Grabs, Play Now to Win and Visit Our Cinema on July 25th, 7Pm for the Grand Prize Presentation. TEXT GENESIS TO 5031


The Message above is a promotion by Genesis Cinemas (they have outlets in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja). If I reply to their message, they get paid =N=50 by whichever network operator I am using, in my case, MTN.
And Judging by the frequency of the number of times they are sending these messages, it means it is working them Big Time! Otherwise they wouldn’t continue sending them! And they’re not the only ones!
I receive at least two of these short code messages every single day, from MTN, Coca-Cola, Guinness, Nigeria Breweries, Income, Dangote and numerous other Companies

Why am I telling you all these?

It’s simple
Because, you too can actually be the one sending out these text messages and raking in non-stop money every single day you wake up
Because, You see, not too long ago, it used to be that only the BIG companies were able to set up these GSM short codes. They monopolized the industry and greedily kept the money for themselves.
However, after relentless research and determination, companies like ours figured out the secret and broke down the barriers. We became a VAS PROVIDER solely because of YOU! Meaning that right now. . .
Now you too can join the big Boys and have your own Shortcode
With it in your possession, only you can put a stop to how much money you can make, daily

Get a Picture of your Earning

The Screenshot Above is actually from a campaign for Beauty Pageant called Okwadike., but hey! Thats a over 125,736 Responses for an average Tariff of N50. This can quickly add up to over N1.5 Million in pure profit after network operators take out

This person could be you

Case Study

Case Study



Mr A recieved a message that looks like this:
Would you like to get notified if your JAMB Center has been changed
Send jambdis (reg no) and send to 33810
Mr. A replies this SMS

Above is a sample message sent to Mr. A, immediately Mr. A send Jambdis as stated to the number 33810, 50Naira will be debited from his phone credit.
Do you know the owner of the Short Code that you actually send the reply to get Credited with the 50Naira that was debited from your account? And as many people the owner of the short code send the message too the more he his being credited 50Naira and it keep accumulating like that till it form a whole lots of money.
Check another case study and see what is creativity…Making money online is really much more easy with the right information from the right source. Since last year the admin of this website has seen what is online wealth.


This is a part view of a website that has to do with the short code monetization.

You can Trust Us to Set your Business in Motion

Invest Once, Earn for LIFE

"Benefit of our Product"

Our Offer

We are Supreme Shortcode, Nigeria’s premier shortcode set-up company. We help smart individuals like you set up their own unique SMS short codes and over the years we have been able to create thousands of Shortcode Setup with fast payout.
We are a leading African AITSP (Application and Information Technology Service Provider) for media, server side and telecom services, with activities including SMS, Short code Services….

What we will do for you

  • We will help you create your own unique short code ready to start taking in messages and earning you money.
  • We will help you with campaign ideas that will fetch you Big money on a daily on-going basis and coach you on how to set it all up.
  • We will help liaise with the GSM companies to enable activate your short code so that anyone who respond can be billed, no matter the phone network they’re using.
  • You need us to get this whole setup process done for you, because you cannot just walk up to the companies to ask them to do this, they won’t even listen to you. We are staking our time to get it done for you.

Thats not All!

because our goal is to have you Profit Maximally from this business model, We will show you:

3 Ways to Profit from SMS Shortocde

  • You earn when people text back to your short code. (This is the first way to earn on the GO!).
  • You earn by offering the respondents an extra offer which they then pay you extra money for. (I routinely ask them to pay some =N=3,000 to =N=10,000 extra depending on the audience).
  • You earn by renting out the phone numbers of respondents of your short codes to other companies and marketers!



Here’s A List of People You Can Target Your GSM Short Code Message To and Be Sure They Will Respond

  • Students who have just written JAMB.
  • Students who want to study in foreign universities abroad
  • Young men who want to get girlfriends/dates
  • Graduates looking for job vacancies
  • Religious messages from spiritual head
  • People looking for rare information (e.g. addresses, directions to specific places, word definitions, etc.)
    • People interested in love stories, poems, messages etc.
    • People who want to solve a BIG issue (like weight loss, manhood problems etc.)
    • People who want to earn some extra income
    • Women who want to find rich lovers
    • People interested in entertainment
    • Sports Betting fans
    • and a lot more!
The List is Endless

Its Really Easy to Start Immediately

You Can Either Make a Full One Time Payment
Use The Plan Below To Reduce Your Risk.
For Shared Shortcode: Pay N100,000 one time or Reduce your risk by paying N60,000 first and balance N40,000 when the code goes live.


Our List of Satisfied Clients Earning Consistently from Shortcode

Over the Years we have made a large number of Success STORIES who have and are still earning from our shortcode setup, The List is still Counting.
The shortcode that was used to make the illustration above is the last one we did for a client in Owerri. Mr Ikechukwu by name, 08068472171. We also setup a shared shortcode  for Mr Somtochukwu Ifezue, Lagos State, 08096499907 and he made a killing

Great Service from SupremeShortcode, They prove themselves with the Fast Setup Time and  Excellent Payout (No Hiccups, No Hassle)

Somtochukwu Ifezue

Supreme Shortcode delivered on time and as a Radio Personality, I was able to promote my campaign to fruitful rewards. Highly Recommended

Kayode James

Radio Host

Thats Not All

The List Goes On, Below is a Chart Showing some other Clients We’ve set up their shortcode EFFECTIVELY and PROFITABLY

Shortcode Setup

Keyword Shortcode Keyword Shortcode
1 Info 35818 HBP 35818
2 Nice 35818 Tutor 35818
3 EDD 35818 Get 35818
4 Detail 35818 TFE 35818
5 GCM 35818 Hilal 35818

Shortcode Setup

Keyword Shortcode Keyword Shortcode
1 Heartbreak 32811 Extra 32811
2 SendMe 32811 Fear 32811
3 MCL 32811 CAG 32811
4 Grant 32811 InfoExtra 32811
5 Register 32811 Ref 32811

Keyword Shortcode Keyword Shortcode
1 Contact 35818 Alert 35818
2 Health 35818 Accept 35818
3 Solbiz 35818 Zitox 35818
4 MockJob 35818 Zidora 35818
5 Mate 35818 Scholarship 35818

Keyword Shortcode Keyword Shortcode
1 Flatbelly 32811 Exam 32811
2 Switch 32811 Ship 32811
3 Arena 32811 G2G 32811
4 Pearl 32811 Relationship 32811
5 Canada 32811 Dating 32811

The List Goes on, We have Successfully Delivered over 1000 Shortcode and counting.

Grab this Offer Now

Heck! You dont even need to rent an Office for this Business System to work.

We will do everything for you, including set-up and maintenance
Think About This
Which other business system with the ability to make you a profit everyday, without the need for an office or any other set up costs can you start with this amount?
The answer is NONE.

What more?

In less than 30days, If you take Action You'll have gotten back Up to your Investment

  • It will pay you big. Because, it doesn’t matter if you if you are a job seeker, unemployed, an employee etc.
  • You don’t need to have any experience whatsoever., All you need is to have a genuine desire to start generating additional income or make more money. As long as you have that you are ready!
Text “SET UP MY SHORTCODE” to 08031977935 and then use any of the options below to pay for the service.
Its Time to Take Decisive Action

If you’re ready to experience online success as a mobile marketing top performer…

You Can Either Make a Full One Time Payment
Use The Plan Below To Reduce Your Risk.
For Shared Shortcode: Pay N100,000 one time or Reduce your risk by paying N60,000 first and balance N40,000 when the code goes live.
I am more than confident that this shortcode business and my exclusive report on mobile monetization strategies when combined with your commitment, will produce results like nothing you’ve experienced before

Wait, Thats not All, Get these exclusive fast action bonuses
When you order today

Bonus#1: My Verified Nation Wide GSM Database (sorted in LGA’s format)

Bonus#2: My Pricless long term support along the way.

So, What Are You Waiting For ?
Take decisive action now…

Consider HOW MANY MORE Cash and Opportunities You stand to lose because You have no effective mobile oriented business?
The future is now!
Every Minute You Wait To Set-Up Your Shortcode Is Costing You Valuable Time and Money

Pick a Payment Plan

Pay right away for your shortcode set up by filling the form below or proceed to the bank and deposit the sum of 100,000 into the bank details below. Please remember to fill the registration form so that we can commence the process immediately after your payment.

Option A : Pay Online

Use your ATM card to pay online by filling the form below:

OPTION B: Bank Payment

Proceed to the bank and deposit the Plan Amount into our bank account below.

Bank: GTBank Bank
Account Name: Supremeweb Solutions LTD
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and Profit

Supreme Shortcode Delivers a Professional and Easy Way To Profit From GSM Short Codes…

Call us at 0803 197 7935 or email info@supremeshortcode.com

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