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The Mobile Phone!
Most People don’t Really Understand the Power of Mobile Phones…
Did you Know: There are Well Over 112 million activated mobile SIM cards in Nigeria?
Did you know: That most people are addicted to their phones (maybe you?) and sleep with them by their side at night?
Did you know: That several business models have sought to take advantage of this addiction by providing services targeting mobile phone users?
If It is Yes… Then i Believe you are starting to See the Money in this Already… We All Get SMS’s Everyday asking to reply back with a particular word or Number…

How it Works

Now when you use a trained eye to look at the chart above, there’s something you will notice. You will notice that, the BULK of the money is made by those in… “The Number Two Position: Yes, the Short Code Providers!”
These guys buy licences on the cheap. Then they create value around it and sell it to business owners and individuals, for enormous amounts of money.
In a Nutshell

The GSM companies [MTN, GLO and Others] licence short code providers to pass text through their networks and the licensees then sell short codes to end users, (that is the businesses and individuals) who in turn then get charge users for texting to those codes.
And in the Chain, the Short Code Providers are the Ones Making the Massive Cash from this Setup..
Short Code Owners buy licences on the low. Then they create value around it and sell it to business owners and individuals, for enormous amounts of money. Added to this, For every short code, the business owners/individuals will still pay an access fee of =N10,000 every single month!

Resellers/Shortcode Providers Double Edge Income…

  1. Earn by setting up the GSM short code service for different business owner/individuals. You can sell this service for up to =N=100,000 per business.
  2. Second, each time someone buys the short code, they have to pay you a maintenance fee of =N=10,000 each month

This means that for any amount of Subcribers you have that is running their Short code service under you, You get 10,000 times that Number Monthly, E.g If You Lets say 15 Shortcode Users under you, you make 10,000 x 15 = 150,000 on a Monthly. And all this is aside the Initial Setup Fee…

Reseller Setup Time : About 30 minutes for Setup and you can Selling for N=80,000 to N=100,000 each. So Now You make your Calculations and Estimate your Monthly Income…

Are you beginning to see the potential in this business model?

Let me give you an example of people (and businesses) who need it:
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Saloons
  • Job Vacancy websites
  • Information marketers
  • Lawyers
  • Newspaper and magazine publishers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Hotels
  • Upscale restaurants
  • Service businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social media overlords (Popular people on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Celebrities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Journalists/Columnists
  • and many more people!

And you know what?

Becoming A GSM Short Code Provider Is Now As Easy As Eating Cake!

It will take you less than 30 minutes to set up each GSM Short code and you can sell each one for N=80,000 to N=100,000 each.

Knowing this now, how many do you think you could you sell per week?

I’ll tell you.

Even if you only sold 3 of these short codes per week, at just =N=80,000, and you paid for the Keyword licences at just =N=30,000 each, you’d be raking in
=N= 150,000 Per Week Earnings!

This is not including the access fees they will all start paying starting from the next month.

Did I just see you smile and say insane? I think, it’s a most fantastic opportunity!
So the question is, how do you get in?

I invite you to use our easy system to position yourself as a GSM Short Code Reseller.
We call it the GSM Short Code Reseller Business-In-A-Box system.
It is a complete turnkey system for anyone who wants to walk into the GSM Short Code business with success in their mind.
We will get your reseller portal up and running . . .


  • Branded Reseller Short code Website Like ours with (Company Logo, Color, Pricing) etc.
  • Free Domain Name of your company e.g (www.yourcompanyname.com)
  • Branded Real time Robust Reseller Control Panel to manage all your customers.
  • Unlimited Desired Short code & keyword for instant usage (buy at 45k and resell)
  • Customers Short code Management Control Panel
  • One time set up fee
  • Sub Re-sellers Management system

Reseller Control Panel Features

1.Manage Accounts (Customers Account), (Expired Accounts, Active Accounts, Di-activate Accounts, Delete Accounts)

2. Customers Account Login

3. Customer Income Report

This is what a few smart people are secretly doing to make millions. Join this set of smart people today.


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Option A : Pay Online

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OPTION B: Bank Payment

Proceed to the bank and deposit the Plan Amount into our bank account below.

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